NLP Presuppositions

NLP presuppositions are great ideas.NLP presuppositions form the basic attitude of NLP Practitioners. These presuppositions are considered to be useful ideas, the NLP basics.

The first of the NLP presuppositions, is that the following ideas are presuppositions about reality. The second of the NLP presuppositions, is that these are all the NLP presuppositions.

List of NLP Presuppositions:

All distinctions use our senses.

There is a distinct sense that this is plainly obvious. You experience reality with your senses of sight, sound, touch / feel, smell and taste. It only makes sense.

Experience is not reality.

Reality is the physical environment you are subjected to every moment of everyday. You interpret whatever of it has meaning for you, to create your experience. Interpreting reality in a different way, changes your experience of reality.

Changing experience of reality, changes reality.

Thought is the cause of what we experience now, so what we think now will be the cause of the reality we experience in the future. Having choices about how to think about reality now, changes your experience of it.

The meaning of your communication = results you get.

Your intended communication is not always what is perceived. What you intend to communicate, may not be what you actually communicate. You can change your communication until you obtain the desired results.

Results are feedback not “failure”.

Feedback sets direction. Feedback = food for thought. Failure produces results that allow you to improve. Results are the means by which you measure your progress and adjust your behavior to achieve your worthy ideal. Feed-forward.

All behavior has positive intent.

One of two reasons; anticipation of pleasure or avoidance of pain. Not everyone has the same idea of what is pleasure and what is pain. Use alternate ways to achieve the positive intent of inappropriate behaviors.

Individual value constant. Question behavior.

The value of any behavior is dependent upon the context and environment that it is occurring in. The individual is always valuable, sometimes the individual’s behavior is inappropriate for the context and should be changed. Change labels that label behavior as identity.

You already have it in you.

Everything a person needs to effect a change is already in them, nudging it in the right direction will get the ball rolling. The most basic resource is the ability to learn.

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