NLP Strategies

NLP strategies are descriptions of the sequences of thoughts and actions people use to achieve specific outcomes.

The distinctions of NLP models are used to describe the strategies. This description is called an “NLP strategy”.

Everyone is familiar with descriptions of “What to do”, our education is full of them. However, people are not generally taught about the structure and process of thinking and internal experiences. Therefore: Common descriptions of “What to do” inadequately describe “How to think”, because people lack the knowledge to describe it.

NLP Strategies describe “How to think” AND “What to do”.

How to think, is the critical component of many types of tasks and can take a long time to learn without adequate instruction. Having this description makes the task and it’s result, rapidly transferable to other people.

  • The strategy for accomplishing a task may use sequences of strategies and strategies nested within strategies.
  • There may be several different strategies for accomplishing the same task.
  • The effectiveness of a strategy may be context dependent.
  • Strategies can be elicited through observation and questions, Modeling.
  • Strategies can be created by combining various distinctions of the NLP Models.

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