Hypnotizing Hypnosis Scripts

Hypnotizing with hypnosis scripts is a process involving a hypnotist’s hypnotic language and perceptual skills, that produces a state of hypnosis.

Hypnotizing hypnosis scipts.There are many hypnosis scripts available on the internet. Hypnosis scripts can be useful. Most hypnotherapy intervention scripts focus on behavior changes.

Hypnotherapists often find themselves matching clients to scripts, rather than creating scripts for clients. Often, long term changes are best accomplished by changing the beliefs the client has that support the behaviors, a cascade of behavior changes occurs. NLP is most useful for discovering this ‘pivot point’, making each client intervention unique.

Hypnotizing someone, is to use full body rapport, voice tone, rhythm and vocal pacing of ongoing externally verifiable experience while physically and vocally leading internal experience into the desired state. A hypnosis script is unnecessary. Once you can do this, you can easily do any of the procedures developed by others and transmitted in the form of a script. You are capable of ‘customizing’ the script to fit the client.

Induction scripts can be used effectively to make the ideas and concepts that they contain, your ideas and concepts… your words. The most important part of using a script is keeping your eye on your client. To accomplish this:

  1. Print the script so that it is formatted as two columns per page.
  2. Highlight the key words or phrases that will remind you what to say.
  3. Staple the pages of the script together in the top left hand corner.
  4. Fold the script in half so that only one column is visible.

This format allows you to read it easily without blocking your view of the client (your folded script will only be half a page wide). To easily keep your place in the script, slide your thumb down the column as you read. Hold the script up so that you can easily see your client beyond the script.

Remember where your focus is, on the client not the script. A professional communicator doesn’t have the tools to communicate with, he/she finds them in the people they are communicating with. If you are learning a new process and use a script as a guide (highlighted key words/phrases), pull the folded script out and introduced it to your client as your notes on the fantastically effective process that they are about to experience.

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