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NLP training in Bahrain.

Bahrain NLP training courses and coaching, live in person, video conferencing or webinar.

NLP Bahrain trainingFor the best training in NLP, Bahrain residents and expats rely on Steve Boyley for NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training.

Only Steve Boyley has more than 2 decades of experience using NLP in many cultures, businesses and industries of the region. Train with Steve Boyley, world renowned and # 1 reviewed NLP Trainer. Many of the highest ranked and highest paid executives in the region have taken training with Steve and so can you! Learn how to get ahead of the ____ NOW. Experience what others have been trying to explain.

Our 8 day NLP training provides opportunity for 4 certifications in one event!

NLP Training

People, like you, get NLP training to learn advanced communication skills. Science Digest called NLP training “…the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication…” and Steve Boyley is licensed internationally to teach that knowledge. You are constantly communicating. Steve’s NLP … Continue reading

NLP Trainer Steve Boyley.

It’s not just NLP Trainer Steve Boyley’s extraordinary skills and experience as a Master and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming that makes him thought-provoking, it’s his attitude! Find Out What Influences People Steve Boyley is thought-provoking because he believes in teaching … Continue reading

John La Valle. President of The Society of NLP

NLP Trainer John La Valle

“Steve Boyley is in Canada, near Vancouver. He’s been training now for quite some time. What I like about him is that he’s in touch with what NLP really is and knows more about the skills than most. He knows the difference between the skills and the techniques. Steve has also been in other businesses and quite successfully. So he’s …. Continue reading

Richard Bandler. Creator of NLP and DHE

NLP trainer Richard Bandler

“I highly recommend Steve Boyley. He is continually updating his NLP training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few NLP trainers licensed internationally through The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™.” …. Continue reading