I am gifted So Are You! By Adam Khoo.

I Am Gifted, So Are You! by Adam Khoo, documents the skills and strategies that have made possible Adam’s personal success story. An achievement that can be yours too! It is for students, parents, educators and anyone who wants to enhance his or her brain power.

“We don’t know what to do with our son. Even with all the private tutoring he gets, he’s still making a mess of his exams. We wonder if he’ll ever amount to anything.”

book-i-am-giftedYears ago, Adam Khoo’s parents lamented his utter lack of interest in his work and his lackluster performance in tests and exams.

In sheer desperation, they enrolled him in Super-teen®, a programme designed to equip teenagers with the mental and emotional tools to excel in whatever they do. Since then, Adam Khoo has never looked back Not only did he go on to excel in the GCE “0” and “A” level exams, he ranked among the top one percent of achievers at his university.

If you want to be “gifted” in superior learning and thinking strategies, read this book You, too, will learn how to:

  • boost your self-esteem and take charge of your life
  • apply whole brain learning tools like Mind Mapping®
  • develop super memory, and recall facts and figures effortlessly
  • master time management and goal setting
  • empower yourself for peak performance
  • apply effective examination strategies and ace the final examinations

khoo-buzan“Every page glistens with intelligence, humor, wit and creativity. I highly recommend Adam Khoo’s best-selling book, I Am Gifted, So are You! Adam’s title is correct. He is gifted! This does not need to be proven in any other way for you than by reading the book.”

Tony Buzan
Originator of Mind Maps®
Founder of The Brain Trust
Chairman of the Brain Foundation
Author of 56 books including the worldwide best seller Use Your Head.

“Adam’s unique talent is that he is able to structure and share specific techniques and strategies that any student can use to produce the same outstanding results he has achieved.”

Wee Chow Hou, Ph D, PPA
Professor of Business Policy
Dean, Faculty of Business Administration
National University of Singapore
Author of Sun Tzu, War and Management.

One hundred and sixty seven pages of attention getting color with information that my kids actually wanted to read!

I suggest you have your kids skip the forewords and begin at the Contents. Buy them a set of fine tip colored markers, a pack of sticky notes and a decent day planner as well.

When you give them the book make a big deal of it, say “I have bought you a special gift and I will present it to you soon.” Create mystery, intrigue, curiosity and anticipation. When you present it say, “This is the first gift for you. Tell me the moment you finish doing section one so I can give you your next gift”. Present the markers at that time and say, “This is just a small, although important, gift. Tell me when you finish doing section two, so that you can receive an even greater gift”. When they finish section two, give them the planner and sticky notes. Say “Your greatest gift of all is waiting for you to do section three”. When they finish section three ask, “What ideas are you using from the book?” These are the true gifts. One more gift is in section four, how to ace exams.

Steve Boyley. MCHt. NLPT.
CEO. The Performance Institute

The Books Contents.

Forewords by Ernest Wong and Tony Buzan


  • Chapter 1 ‘A’ Students, a Different Breed?
  • Chapter 2 The Concept of Learning
  • Chapter 3 The Power of Thought


  • Chapter 4 Your Powerful Brain
  • Chapter 5 Mind Mapping
  • Chapter 6 Supermemory For Words
  • Chapter 7 Supermemory For Numbers
  • Chapter 8 The Pattern of Memory


  • Chapter 9 The Secret of Goals
  • Chapter 10 Motivation – Moving Beyond Procrastination
  • Chapter 11 Formula For Scoring ‘A’s
  • Chapter 12 Time – Our Most Precious Resource
  • Chapter 13 Feel Empowered All The Time


  • Chapter 14 The Final Countdown
  • Chapter 15 The Final Battle

Need to read more? Chapter 1. Are ‘A’ Students, Different?

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