Listening Skills Hear 43 Types of Information

Learn the listening skills to hear 43 types of NLP information people reveal as they speak.

You’ll use this information to tailor a precision response that takes them in any new direction you want. Our NLP training includes:img-ear

  • Voice tones that tell you someone’s state of mind.
  • 5 types of words indicate sensory thinking modes.
  • 2 patterns that indicate overlapping thinking modes.
  • Language that reveals their categories of thinking.
  • How they transform their experiences into language.
  • Metaphors people create to carry their message..Class learning listening skills.
  • Ambiguous language that conveys multiple messages.
  • 7 types of presuppositions they use to make you believe them.
  • 5 ways they use to communicate indirectly.
  • 3 ways they generalize limits on their thinking.
  • 5 ways they distort information about their reality.
  • 4 ways they delete information from experiences.nlp-training-0602
  • How they use the words but, if, you, try & why.
  • Patterns they use to change perceptions.
  • Patterns they use to change beliefs.
  • Communication that causes rapid mood changes.
  • Patterns that reveal how they are motivated.
  • Words that reveal details about the qualities of their thoughts.
  • Thinking patterns they use to accomplish what they do.

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